This hackathon is part of the Inverse Surveillance AI research project.

Hackathon Challenge: With your help we can demonstrate the potential of Inverse Surveillance AI —> using AI to surveil governments and bigger organizations to identify and predict wrongful behavior or systematic flaws and by doing so empower citizens.

Everyone is welcome to join. (Individuals & Teams)
This includes students, researchers, professionals, etc.

What to Expect

The hackathong consists of two parts:
1. One month of preparation time (starting October 15, 2021)
2. Hackathon Weekend (19-20-21 November, 2021)

Online, via Discord, English, CET (UTC+1h)

Those with other obligations are not required to join all hackathon events, as long as you submit your code before the deadline.

1. Concept for Inverse Surveillance AI
2. Proof of Concept of Inverse Surveillance AI
3. A (video) pitch explaining your Proof of Concept

You can download the full Hackathon briefing in the link below. Here you can find a full description, the challenge expectation, guiding questions, Prices, Elaborate Timeline & Schedule, etc.

Timeline & Schedule

  • Preparation Month – Friday 15 Oct. – Friday 19 Nov.
    You are allowed to prepare your concept and write code
  • Pe-Hackathon Week – Friday 12 Nov. – Friday 19 Nov.
    • Q&A Session: Friday 12 Nov., 18:00-19:00 CET (UTC+1h)
  • Hackathon Day 1 – Friday 19 Nov. (18:30 – 20:30)
  • Hackathon Day 2 – Saturday 20 Nov. (09:00-18:00)
  • Hackathon Day 3 – Sunday 21 Nov. (09:00-18:30)
    • 15:00 CET (UTC+1h) Submit code, and (video) pitch

Join and make a difference!

Your Proof of Concept, in combination with the theoretical research and expert interview podcasts will serve as a launchpad for future research and work into the topic of Inverse Surveillance AI.

Inverse Surveillance offers a new pespective on the dynamic between citizens and bigger organisation and governments. AI makes this dynamic feasible. Inverse Surveillance AI can empower citizens and turn them into auditors keeping bigger organisations and goverments in check, and by doing so democratize technology in the process.

Your proof of concept has the power to demonstrate the potential of Inverse Surveillance AI and get this idea rolling.

Sign-Up & Questions

For sign-ups you can e-mail Juliette van der Laarse at or contact her through LinkedIn