Podcast: Creativity and Constraint in Artificial and Biological Intelligence

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The Brain Inspired podcast approached us for a conversation about Creativity and Constraint in Biological and Artificial Intelligence. We cover generating art with neural networks, AI’s challenges for neuroscience, and how the infamous frame problem in AI traces all the way back to Plato.

Listen to it on iTunes, Spotify, or below:

Brain Inspired podcast 062 Stefan Leijnen: Creativity and Constraint

Artistic Style Transfer Blending

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Transferring the style from one image to another has been done plenty of times before and has gotten a fair bit media coverage lately. One thing we considered was the possibility of not just transferring the style from one image, but combining the styles of multiple images and transferring those; style transfer blending. After throwing around a few ideas, the thought came around of combining two images of different styles and feeding that to existing style transfer applications. The results where quite interesting…

These are some of the input images we used for the various style combinations:


We used three style permutations, each style being a compound of two input images. We tested each combined style on these three different images:


And here are some of the results after 200 iterations:


There is definitely some potential in combining styles and transferring them to content. It may proof useful to designers looking for inspiration, providing a more diverse and bigger set of suggestions.