Artificial Creativity & Constraint


We are a non-profit AI research institute that explores the relation between deep learning and creativity. The Asimov Institute publishes on fundamental breakthroughs in neural network research, advises on the societal and business impact of data and AI, and develops tools for the creative industry – architects, graphic designers, fashion couturiers, marketeers and music producers. Automated novelty is becoming a valuable asset in a growing number of industries. Our neural networks generate new products, content, suggestions, styles and ideas. 





Stefan Leijnen
Director & Researcher  
Alyea Sandovar
Design Researcher
Daniel Karavolos
Deep Learning Researcher
Fjodor van Veen
Deep Learning Researcher
Marcel van Dijk
Architect & Designer
Producer & DJ
Frank Brinkkemper
Deep Learning Researcher
Adam Sporka
Researcher & Music Creator
Amber Jae Slooten
Virtual Fashion Designer
Josh Bacigalupi
Installation Artist
Tomás Veloz Gonzalez



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The Asimov Institute
Europalaan 20, 3526 KS Utrecht
The Netherlands