Machine Creativity


We are an artificial intelligence research company that uses deep learning to develop tools for the creative industry – architects, graphic designers, fashion couturiers, marketeers and music producers. Novelty is becoming a valuable asset in a growing number of industries. Our neural networks generate new products, content, suggestions, styles and ideas. 





Stefan Leijnen
Director & Researcher  
Alyea Sandovar
Design Researcher
Daniel Karavolos
Deep Learning Researcher
Fjodor van Veen
Deep Learning Researcher
Marcel van Dijk
Architect & Designer
Producer & DJ
Frank Brinkkemper
Deep Learning Researcher
Adam Sporka
Researcher & Music Creator
Amber Jae Slooten
Virtual Fashion Designer



Contact us

The Asimov Institute
Europalaan 20, 3526 KS Utrecht
The Netherlands